Otters and International Relations

Sea Otters

Sea Otters (Photo: WeaselGang (Tumbler))

As surprising as it may sound, I find some distinct similarities between the world of otters and the academic field of International Relations. Otters live in small groups, with the mothers nursing their pups. Much of the study of otters comes out of just how they behave when confronted with other otters who they do not already know. International Relations is similar, only there are more theories. I imagine if given the opportunity scholars would be overly willing to come up with a theory relating to otters, perhaps it could be called Otterism, or even odder than that, if the theory only dealt with adult otters the theory could be called Post-Pupism.

Then again, the very understandings that we have of otters, their communal lives, and their personalities are constructivist in nature. So, at least one theory of International Relations can have a role to play in the world of otters.

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