Ottawa: Multiple Gunmen open fire on Parliament Hill

Ottawa – The normal routine of the Canadian capital was broken today when multiple gunmen opened fire on Parliament Hill. The Tern can certify that at least one gunman entered the Parliament building, where he was gunned down by House of Commons Sergant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers. A second gunman shot a soldier who was standing guard at the National War Memorial standing opposite Parliament. The soldier in question, a reservist from Hamilton, Ontario, later died from his wounds. Three others remain in hospital with minor wounds.

The Canadian capital remains on lockdown, with police advising locals and tourists alike to avoid the downtown area for the time being. Tonight’s NHL game between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Ottawa Senators has been postponed in response to the lockdown.

All three main party leaders, Prime Minister Harper of the Conservatives, Muclair of the New Democrats, and Trudeau of the Liberals are reported by the CBC to be safe. RCMP Assistant Commissioner Gilles Michaud stated, according to the CBC, that police “were taken by surprise.”

As of 16.00 local time (15.00 Chicago, 21.00 London) all downtown Ottawa schools have been taken off lockdown.

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