Katherine Blanner on Ed Sheeran

Katherine Blanner writes the Books to Read column for The Tern.

Katherine Blanner writes the Books to Read column for The Tern.

Red-headed British pop culture sensation Ed Sheeran is captivating the hearts of society through his two albums X and +. Sheeran began his music career with various EPs and self-composed tracks released on the Internet. The song “A Team” led to his popular debut. It is the combination of immense guitar talent, high vocal range, poetic lyrics, and overall adorableness that have skyrocketed Sheeran to the tops of the charts.

Each one of his songs has a unique beat deriving from a lovingly played acoustic guitar. It is his passion for the audible experience that contributes to the overall pleasantry of his musical opus, distinctly setting him apart from other artists. He composes his music as though the melody and rhythm have been inscribed upon his soul, weighing upon his heart until it has been conveyed in a ballad sung by his vocally rich pipes.

In addition to acoustic excellence, his poetic only elevates his harmonious quality. It is known that love in mankind’s greatest struggle, toyed by each human within his or her heart, as it distinctly leads to mortal happiness. Sheeran has, as conveyed through his lyrics, exceptional knowledge of such. He has loved, struggled, and reflected immensely. This can be reasonably inferred from nearly all of his songs, particularly “Tenerife Sea,” which appears on X: “We are surrounded by all of these lies/ And people who talk too much/ You got the kind of look in your eyes/ As if no one knows anything but us/ Should this be the last thing I see/ I want you to know it’s enough for me/ ‘Cause all that you are is all that I’ll ever need/ I’m so in love, so in love…” In this, Sheeran captures the universal human desire to love perfectly despite mortal imperfection. His words are more than mere “feelings” atop fluff, but rather a painful acknowledgement of broken hearts, triumph, and the deliberate willing of the good of another. Perhaps it is not that modern music has to be a reflection of society—indifferent, skewed, and ignorant of matters of the heart—but rather embracing of the blessings and skirmishes of life and love, as Ed Sheeran has conveyed through his music.

His brilliance is perfectly accompanied by his overall preciousness. A full-faced, stocky, tattooed, scruffy ginger is not precisely what has been previously noted as “hot.” However, the combination of his melodic sentimentality and cuddly appearance has made him outwardly charming.

It is the permutation of unparalleled aptitude, romanticism, and charm that has plummeted Ed Sheeran to the popular culture spotlight, redefining the way his audience considers the world.

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