24 June 2014 – Comedy in the Morning

There is a special providence in the dawn of a morning.

What is to come on that day is yet to be known

What has passed is beyond recollection

What is present is perpetual yawning.

Yet that yawning, no matter how contagious

may be mended with the providence found

in laughter, joy, and humour.

Comedy awakens the mind

enlivens the spirits, brings laughter to the heart.

Comedy wakes you up

So you can stand on mountains

so long as you don’t suffer from altitude sickness

and are actually in a mountainous place.

Comedy is what makes you think

It questions the world,

challenges the collective understanding

You’ll soon find an elephant of laughter in your pyjamas

and won’t want to spend much more time in them

as by that point they’ll be rather tight.

It will get you up, and ready for the day

awaken your mind and enliven your heart

which is a good thing as an un-enlivened heart is dead.

Best of all,

you can be sure you’ll have a good day after.

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