20 June 2014 – Exiting

Rush hour in Kansas City

The 5.00pm Central headlines commence on NPR.

There I sit, in my car, waiting patiently, silently

not finding it hard to imagine that I’m back in Chicago

as I wait to exit 435 westbound onto State Line Road.

The left turn lanes move at a snail’s pace

as if the world is at a standstill.

The first green light is like a far away lightning bolt

to distant to make any impact.

The second green light comes five minutes later

its glimmering verdant glow lasting but a faint minute

until overcome by the urge to bleed red once more.

I edge closer to the halfway point on the ramp

halfway to the starting gate

the horsepower in my engine revving to go

the twenty cars in front of me impeding my path.

Third green light.

At last the miraculous verdant flaring is causing some good

its impact reaching my car, who has finally moved within jumping distance

of the intersection ahead.

A homeless man, seeking work walks alongside the cars.

Fourth green light.

At long last I let out a cry

of “Go, go, go!”

Through the intersection my car roars,

wanting to break free from the shackles of traffic

and back onto the open road

that runs along the Kansas-Missouri state line.

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