F1 Midweek – Preparing for Monaco

Kansas City – It’s that time of year again when those of us who count ourselves amongst the ever expanding fan-base of Formula 1, the king of all motor sports, gear up to perhaps the most exciting weekend of all. It’s time for the Monaco Grand Prix! Monaco is by far the crown jewel of the F1 calendar, the most storied race of any season. It is in some senses the bridge between the sport’s early days before the Second World War and the present.

Monaco is one of my personal favourite races each year, in large part because of its history and prowess in the sporting calendar. What makes it so historic is by and large the fact that this is one of the few street circuits left in Formula 1. Seeing these rocket ships roaring down the narrow streets of the Principality, taking the hairpin turns, rounding the chicanes is enough to refresh my love for this sport all over again.

Returning from nostalgic admiration, the same old players seem like they will be standing tall this coming weekend. I would be surprised if the Mercedes did not dominate the podium, joined perhaps by a Red Bull or Ferrari, or McLaren (I can always hope.) Perhaps Williams, with their Finnish driver Valtteri Bottas, will strike strong on the streets. Bottas’ performance in the past few races has been exemplary, in what seems to be a year without Vettelian dominance. At the same time, the Force Indias have been looking good. If not in Monaco, then perhaps in the next few races we will see Mexican Sergio Pérez or German Nico Hülkenberg take a place on the podium.

In any case, this weekend’s Monaco Grand Prix is sure to be a spectacle, as it always is.

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