Care – a good aid organisation

Washington, D.C. – This afternoon, I was stopped by a Liberian gentleman working for an organisation called Care, which does aid work around the globe. We talked for about 10 minutes, in part because he was doing his job trying to raise money for that organisation’s aid work, but also because frankly I was rather interested in what he had to say.

Every penny can help the poor and needy around the world. Those of us who live rather well, who don’t have to worry nearly as much about finding food for the day or clean water can easily give to those who do have to go through those struggles. As is written in Leviticus, “Love your neighbour as yourself.” That is something worth living by. I explained to him that I didn’t have much money to give to him at the time, but what I could do was to write an article promoting Care, which would go out to my readers around the world.

If my Liberian friend does read this, peace to you and thank you for the enlightening conversation that we had today.

1 thought on “Care – a good aid organisation

  1. mary keane

    Thanks much, Sean. This something I have tried to do continuously. Someone this week sent me a U-Tube homily by Rev Michael Himes at Boston College. One of the things he said is that you can’t own what you can’t give away. Not especially money. You are doing exactly what he suggested. Hope spring is good to us both.

    Mary Jo


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