2014 F1 Testing – A PSA

Kansas City – I’m writing in particular to those amongst you who follow in particular the Formula 1 section of my blog. As you probably do know, official track testing began today in Jerez in southern Spain. I had a fairly good time reading through the BBC textual feed on the day’s exploits, and would certainly recommend it to anyone who wants specific minute-by-minute details on what has happened thus far in Jerez. Here’s the short of today:

  1. Hamilton (GBR) crashed at T1 when his front wing fell off.
  2. Räikkönen (FIN) had today’s fastest lap
  3. Only 9 teams tested today. Lotus will join the pack in Bahrain and Marussia’s car had some troubles in the factory.

So on that note, now to the public service side of this post. I have decided to start my in depth commentary on the pre-season (beyond my initial season predictions article) with the testing in Bahrain (19 Feb – 2 Mar). I believe that my commentary will be better founded if I start with Bahrain rather than Jerez as that will be when NBC, the broadcaster for Formula 1 here in the United States, will have their very own Will Buxton at the scene. I’m not sure yet if any of it will be televised here, but the hope is that by Bahrain the teams should have their feet under them to the extent that I can offer some reasonable commentary beyond the 3 points I’ve already mentioned.

So, keep your eyes open, especially to my Twitter feed as the testing in both Jerez and Bahrain continue.

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