FIFA World Cup groups announced

Kansas City – The newswires began buzzing around the planet today at about 10.00 CST, as the group draws for the 2014 FIFA World Cup took place in Brazil. To start, there are 8 groups of 4 teams competing. Each team will play 3 matches, one against the other teams in their group. The groups are as follows:

Group A: Brazil, Croatia, Mexico, Cameroon.Image

Group B: Spain, Netherlands, Chile, Australia.

Group C: Columbia, Greece, Côte d’Ivoire, Japan.

Group D: Uruguay, Costa Rica, England, Italy.

Group E: Switzerland, Ecuador, France, Honduras.

Group F: Argentina, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Iran, Nigeria.

Group G: Germany, Portugal, USA, Ghana.

Group H: Belgium, Algeria, Russia, South Korea.

Now, as you may have noticed, if you’re reading from the United States, is that the Waldos have been put into a group that is so bad it could not have been devised by all the fiends of Hell. However, no matter what the outcome may be it will certainly be a good challenge for the USMNT, and if they are able to pull it off and make it out of the group, it will be the moment when the United States can say it has joined the top tier in the world of football. It’ll also be a fantastic thing for MLS, as the league is the source for many players for the national team during the recent victories in the CONCACAF Gold Cup, during which the USMNT went undefeated.

The USMNT will play the following matches in group stage. All times are Central Time (Chicago, Kansas City). The following comes from the BBC.

16 June 2014

Ghana v USA, Arena das Dunas, Natal, 17.00

22 June 2014

USA v Portugal, Arena Amazonia, Manaus, 15:00

26 June 2014

USA v Germany, Arena Pernambuco, Recife, 11:00

Meanwhile, our friends south of the border are in just as tough of a group. I feel sorry for Mexico more and more now a days, as their national team has gone from sorrow to sorrow, from a humiliating defeat in the Gold Cup, to being forced to play in a playoff against the All Whites of New Zealand just to punch their ticket for Brazil. If they do make it through the group stage, just as if the USMNT is able to overwhelm our 2010 nemesis Ghana and the two European powerhouses Germany and Portugal, I hope Jürgen decides to start Graham Zusi, after all México owes him a favour.

ImageWhile I’m on the topic of football (soccer), let me just finish with these words:

I Believe That We Will Win!!!!


Photo courtesy of Yahoo News.

 Correction: the USA v Portugal match has been pushed back by a few hours.

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