Deacrachtái na Teanga – Problems of Langauge – Des problèmes de langue

Kansas City – Ba shcríobh mé as Gaeilge aréir sa mo dialann in ionad as Béarla. Is labhaim Gaeilge ach tá trioblóid scríoim Gaeilge agam. Tá sé mo Gaeilge neamhliteartha murab ioann agus mo Laidin, mo Fraincis, agus mo Béarla. Ní suim ar mo trioblóid sin! Bhí mé shcríobh as Gaeilge!

So, as I was saying as Gaeilge, in Irish, I decided last night to write my daily journal entry (so whoever takes my place as family archivist can have fun seeing what I did everyday). As it turned out, and as I knew when undertaking this daunting task, my written Irish is about as good as the whereabouts of Mohamed Morsi are known to the Western media (or the general public for that matter. So, I decided enough was enough, I was going to tackle this rather major issue, considering I tend to be known as a Gaeilgeóir, an Irish speaker, in the community at large. My plan is simple, write every one of my daily journal entries as Gaeilge from here on out, unless I’m somewhere like France or Belgium, in which case I’d probably go en français

Alors, je disais en anglais ce mon écrit irlandais n’est pas très bien, comme mon parlant français. J’ai appris les langues romantiques, ma latin et mon français avec leurs formes écrites. C’est au contraire avec mon irlandais, qu’est orale.

The point of this entry, rather than having a more useful function, is rather to show that multiple languages can flow together, somewhat. I admit, this might come out sounding nicer and flowing better if I were writing this say in mid afternoon rather than almost at 23.00, but I’m writing it now because it’s coming to mind now. And in any case, it’s almost time to go and write down today’s goings on as Gaeilge. Wish me luck on Day No. 2!

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