Amendments to “Shifting gears”


Kansas City – Yesterday I posted an article on my upcoming film Plato: The Cave. I said in the article that “the dialogue is in Ancient Greek.” This had been the plan, however that plan has changed for a number of reasons.

Firstly, I have decided that the dialogue should be in English because of the intended audience. Considering that I’m looking at making this film for use by university philosophy departments rather than classics departments, it makes more sense to have the film available with English rather than Ancient Greek dialogue. Secondly, after publishing the aforementioned article, I figured out how to add subtitles to my films on YouTube. Therefore, I will be keeping the Ancient Greek dialogue, but it will appear as an option for subtitles on YouTube. The English dialogue that will be spoken is greatly influenced by the Ancient Greek. When I originally wrote the screenplay, I wrote the dialogue in Ancient Greek, using a Greek mentality rather than my native Anglophonic/Hiberniophonic one. In this way, the English dialogue, though in English, is a translation of what the Greek said and meant.

Plato: The Cave is set to begin filming on 29 July in Pike National Forest in Colorado, and will be released in October on the AFC YouTube Channel. For more information on the film, and to stay in touch with the process of its making, do subscribe to this blog, or like the AFC Facebook page. Tá.

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